Kathryn Kibbe has been an excellent viola teacher for my son. He was nervous about starting a new instrument, but her easy-going, encouraging, humorous teaching style put him at ease. However, she has high expectations and requires her students to practice diligently, which makes us parents happy. After only a few lessons, she taught my son to read the Alto Clef. She is an amazing teacher and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning viola.

-Iris C., parent

Miss Kat is an excellent teacher for both violin and viola. She is invested in my daughter's progress and takes a holistic view at her playing - technique & tonal quality, but also posture & finger dexterity to help her play faster, etc. We are lucky to have a professional musician willing to take so much time and interest in students in our area. I do drive a bit to lessons, but it's well worth the investment in time. My daughter is excited to practice because she knows what she needs to do to meet her goals and she leaves her lessons feeling inspired every week!

-The Tuft Family

Snohomish, WA

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