“Teaching is a performing art.” This is the motto of the music department at my alma mater, Central Washington University. For me, this quote says all I need to say about myself as a musician. I am a teacher and because of that I am also a performer. In my relationship as teacher to a student, I will always be performing for you. I believe that it is my job to teach not only music and the love it brings, but also how it fits into life as a whole. Learning to play an instrument is not about becoming a professional; it is about becoming a better person. Taking private lessons not only teaches a person how to play the instrument, but one also learns how to practice a task efficiently, responsibility for oneself, respect for others, initiative, and preparedness.


Kathryn Kibbe is a very bright musician, always eager to learn new things and also eager to teach. Kathryn started playing the violin when she was 9 years old and eventually switched to the viola at age 13. After a year or so playing the viola in her youth symphony, she made the official switch to the viola as her primary instrument. 

Kathryn received her Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance from Central Washington University in 2015 where she studied with Timothy Betts. She then went on to complete her Master's Degree in Viola Performance at Bowling Green State University in 2018 under the tutelage of Matthew McBride-Daline. During her time at Bowling Green, Kathryn performed in masterclasses with Yizhak Schotten, Caroline Coade, and Rachel Barton-Pine.

Although Kathryn has only 5 years of teaching under her belt, she teaches with the patience and tenacity of a life-long teacher. Kathryn uses a variety of different books and approaches to give all students as well-rounded an education as possible. She spends as much time needed getting her students set up correctly so that they are able to progress faster and with more ease as they move through levels of playing. Through her private lessons, Kathryn gives her students advice on how to practice efficiently and effectively, how to play without pain, how to address pain during practice, as well as how to have a fun time while practicing. Taking lessons with Kathryn isn't just about learning to play the violin or viola. Students will obtain skills in time management, perseverance, responsibility, taking initiative, preparedness, and respect. 

Currently, Kathryn enjoys taking on both violin and viola students of all ages, beginning level through advanced. She also performs as a member of the Yakima Symphony Orchestra, Cascade Symphony Orchestra, Northwest Symphony Orchestra, and substitutes on both instruments with many other regional ensembles . When Kathryn isn't teaching or playing with different symphonies, she enjoys spending time with her significant other, Jesse, and their pup Ollie. In free time, Jesse and Kathryn go fishing, hiking and take Ollie for walks. Ollie also likes to have Kathryn drive him to the dog park for his daily fetch routine. Check out the gallery for some pictures of Kathryn in the studio and doing what she loves to do!